Swisher Cigarillos are only good for Smoking Weed!

One of the most popular vices in the present society is smoking. Generally it is regarded as crucial past time of people in social gatherings or after parties. However it has been proved that smoking is unhealthy and suffocating. Considering the bad effects of smoking on individual’s health, environment as well as individual’s right, it should be banned in public places. Yet smoking is a passion of many people. Regardless of its harmful effects, more and more people, especially the youth is getting addicted to smoking. Moreover smoking cigarillos is glamorized through advertisements on internet and television.


Cigarillos being a minute version of cigar are not normally smoked as purchased. Rather they are more often being split, gutted and refilled with marijuana. Swisher sweet is the most commonly used brand of cigarillo today. Because of its miniature size, swisher cigarillos are however only good for smoking weed as it prevents one from taking in large amounts of weed just to have a tight, non-loose blunt.

Secondly unlike many other cigar sold in the market, swisher cigarillos can be purchased individually. They are also recommended for the beginners as they provide a better grip, easily perform a roll motion and are easier to stick. Since folks could barely smoke the horrible tobacco filled in swisher cigarillos, they prefer rolling a blunt and smoked weed.

Thus the statement ‘Swisher Cigarillos are only good for smoking Weed’ is rightly justified. The swisher brand cigars are popularly used as a blunt by hollowing out its previous contents and refilling the shell with marijuana and then resealing it.

Although, not first class but swisher brand cigars are reasonably good for folks who prefer smoking this when they roll blunts for weed. Available in different flavors such as strawberry, grape, peach, chocolate, menthol and wine, swisher cigarillos are popular when smoked as a blunt.